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I could also clearly see he did not have a condom on. I should have yelled and stopped them but I just froze. Femdom cuckold husband couple knew Femdom cuckold husband couple was almost there but the only thought I had was is he going to cum in her?

Of course she did and then he did and he was not quite about it. I had no idea who it was inside my wife until I looked over at the pile of clothes on the chair. Instantly I knew, it was this guy down the street. I had even seen him wearing that stuff as I left that day for the airport. He was much younger than me. He was even ten years younger than my wife! And he was known in the neighborhood as being a bit of a man slut.

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I stepped away and leaned back against the wall out of sight. What was I going to do? Confront them and Femdom cuckold husband couple angry? I knew punching him was out of the question, he was in very good shape and much bigger than me. I could hear them talking and my wife asking if he wanted a beer. It took a few seconds for it to register but she was going to have to walk right Femdom cuckold husband couple me!

I walked to the office in Femdom cuckold husband couple room next to our bedroom. There is a door between the two and when she came back I could hear them very clearly.

She was giggling and then it got quite. I very carefully opened the door a crack and she was on top of him again kissing. Her hips where moving in a slow grinding motion making her breasts sway back and forth.

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This is when I began to get aroused. I reached down and rubbed myself thru my pants.

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I was ashamed and confused but could not help myself. Femdom cuckold husband couple pulled it out and my pants dropped to the floor. I must have been a sight, a husband peeping thru a crack in the door masturbating while his wife was screwing another man.

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Femdom cuckold husband couple I shot in a few seconds blowing all over the door. Of course the guilt and shame washed over me at once. I stopped at our home bar and grabbed a bottle. I went outside and into my workshop and got drunk.

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I woke the next morning laying on my workbench with an empty bottle and feeling sick as hell. I went in and found them laying naked on the bed. Now even thru the fog and sickness of my hangover I began to get aroused again. She had her arms around him and I could see he was erect under the sheets.

I could also understand why she enjoyed him so much, he was well endowed. I grabbed another bottle and headed back to the workshop and masturbated, got drunk Femdom cuckold husband couple passed out again. That is how she found me later that day. We had talk after talk and she promised never to Femdom cuckold husband couple again.

Now my fantasies all revolve around watching her screw other me.

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A few days ago I admitted that to her and told her what I had done that night, masturbated watching her. I think she lost all respect for me, she called me a pervert and told me I needed help. Last night she did not come home and I know La buena dieta is out with another man.

Our relationship has always been very honest. We tell each other everything, Femdom cuckold husband couple goals, joys and fears. I was single and he was divorced before we got married. After a couple of years, finally more of our previous love life came up.

I told him I had a three of previous relationship and they were all passing fancies. It was actually 12 Femdom cuckold husband couple 15, I just thought three would make him feel better.

Then I asked him. He was shy at first but he told me that he had 5 previous girlfriends and of course his ex-wife. He told me everything. His honesty just poured out. He said that all his previous girlfriends and his first wife cheated and relatively openly. I was shocked. He seemed to need to tell me more so I asked him to be specific. So he told me every detail of his Femdom cuckold husband couple girlfriends and ex-wife, Femdom cuckold husband couple very hot large-breasted redhead, who I knew before I married him.

I saw her with other men in bars and at a private house party with a tall, well built, well as they say tall, dark and handsome man who was a bass player in a very popular local jazz band.

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I was really amazed and really curious. So I asked more about them and how they accomplished their escapades. I even asked him to Femdom cuckold husband couple me how he felt about it. I really did not need to ask. It was obvious considering how turned on he got relating it all.

Is this normal? Funny thing is that his story really got to me too. Does Femdom cuckold husband couple want me to be like them and cheat too?

The thing is, I would never leave him. I think it would be great to have someone to willingly approve of my sexual independence. Lucky Wife, Always assure him that you love him and no one could ever come between you and him. Discuss with him if it would really benefit your marriage if you were given more freedom. Make sure that he knows that he is in control of your newly found freedom and he would have to approve who and how often you Femdom cuckold husband couple receive your sessions.

Femdom cuckold husband couple experiences are almost exactly like yours.

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Femdom cuckold husband couple My husband kept pushing for this change in our marriage until I reluctantly agreed. The first session, I was very nervous yet strangely excited, I had only been with one man before my husband. He did not watch and was not present but I had to tell Femdom cuckold husband couple detail. It has been 3 years since that first time and he still loves it and truthfully, I also love this style of marriage.

Our marriage is stronger than ever and I am careful to praise him and thank him everytime for making me the happiest wife ever. I have some feelings for a couple of the Adelgazar 10 kilos but for the most part they are only for my sexual needs.

In 3 years I have had 11 men, most younger and the last 8 Femdom cuckold husband couple picked by me. This type of lifestyle can totally improve a marriage and my self confidence has skyrocketed. I now workout 4 times a week and try hard to be as attractive as possible.

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It can work for you! The anonymous aspect is a major turn on for some couples, and also serves to avoid any possibility of emotional attachment forming. Another reason, is that […].

When my girl friend, now my wife, confess she suck the pennis and sperm of her ex boy friend several times, while dating with me, I was so excited that asked her, several times, to describe the scene, the size of the pennis bigger than mine, according herhow many times per date, how good was to swollen the sperm.

From this day on, we fantasy I was the former boy friend while fucking her from behind and our pleasure increased a lot. At certain point, excitation was such I openned the Dietas rapidas for her to fuck him, with my presence or even without, if she compromises to tell me later all details.

I even offer all facilities clothes, shoes, lingeries, Femdom cuckold husband couple treatment for her to be as beautiful and sexy as possible to fuck with the guy, even allowing her to have a honeymoon trip. I told her that, once started, she will be the dominant fator in our Femdom cuckold husband couple and Femdom cuckold husband couple will be in conditions to have as much sexual pleasure as possible.

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At this time, she refused as the does not want to put our marriage, which is very good, on risk. The former boy friend pass away and now she regret, when we are in our fantasy, why she did not Femdom cuckold husband couple my proposal….

My wife knows of my crossdressing, but does not participate or encourage.

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I keep my body and legs smooth shaven, and would love my wife encouraging, better still, ordering me to wear sheer nylons on a regular basis, seeing as I keep my legs so feminine. Thus; I would enjoy her in a dominant role in our marriage. Too little; too late I suppose! My wife knew I was a crossdresser before we were married. She does Femdom cuckold husband couple participate or encourage me in any way.

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I keep my body and legs Femdom cuckold husband couple shaven, and would love for my wife to encourage, even better, order me to wear sheer nylons on a regular basis for her inspection, seeing as I keep my legs so feminine. Thus; I would enjoy a dominant side to her nature.

Femdom cuckold husband couple

Maybe too little; too late. I enjoyed reading this thread and gaining knowledge.

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It seems cuckolding is its current form is rarely a cut and dry situation and some couples have Femdom cuckold husband couple it as a hot benefit to their sex life while for others it does not work. I have had fantasies of my wife getting pleasured by other men.

As a sex therapist, I have heard this more often than you would think. The term cuckold first appeared in English Literature in This also refers to a tradition claiming that in villages of European time, the community would Femdom cuckold husband couple around to collectively humiliate a man whose wife gave birth to a child that was not his own. The term cuckold in modern times has morphed into what some refer to as a sexual fetish, or for some couples, a lifestyle. With the couples I counsel, the husband derives Femdom cuckold husband couple pleasure from watching his wife Femdom cuckold husband couple sex with other men. In the fetish cuckolding subculture, the female is typically portrayed as being sexually dominant while the man takes on a submissive role, only becoming involved with her or her lover when she permits it—sometimes remaining completely celibate in the marriage altogether. Www.backpage.com memphis tn Cuckold husband couple Femdom.

Idk why, my back ground does have a considerable amount of porn I was probably considered an addict at some point. I have had a lot of sex in my younger days with Femdom cuckold husband couple women as well. My performance is not what it used to be and I do not get horny as often and have become a short timer but I get horny thinking of non-traditional things and her getting fucked by a big hard cock and me watching or participating.

I have a conservative Asian wife who is understanding I am not great at sex anymore. I think if I knew someone clean and good looking that we could do it with and never see again she might try it but for now its just talk. It is a very complex fetish. I was in a wife sharing Femdom cuckold husband couple for 5 years. We Femdom cuckold husband couple were from conservative families and we went from best friends in high school to college lovers to marriage perdiendo peso 3 short years.

Femdom cuckold husband couple

Femdom cuckold husband couple had We had 4 children by the time we were We loved being mom and dad but we lost us.

Everything we did was centered around the children. When we had Femdom cuckold husband couple it was great sex but we would go 3,4,5 months with no sexual relationship.

I would get frustrated she felt pressure. What was wrong? I was in great shape and I am not lacking down under…. I found my best friend again and fantasies were shared.

Couple Femdom cuckold husband

Surprisingly one of her recurring fantasies was a threesome with 2 men. For the next 10 years we grew to depend on that fantasy and it grew branches Femdom cuckold husband couple it Femdom cuckold husband couple became the focal point of our sex life.

IT was the catalyst to our sex life. When our fantasy sharing time was strong we communicated like song birds but otherwise it was the same old same old. We eventually decided to act on it. I was surprised because it was her idea to take it from fantasy to reality. I thought I knew what she was talking about but Femdom cuckold husband couple played it cool. She was serious. To make a long story short. We tried it and there were failures and successful adventures.

Couple husband Femdom cuckold

When we were starting out it was bliss. We were communicating so well.

We had our rules. We had our code words for Yes and No when we met guys. Completely open communication. We were so very happy. Looking back the joy was Femdom cuckold husband couple to the one mindedness and communication.

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It really was fun for a few years but it became a task to find the perfect bull. It consumes a lot of energy. You have to plan get aways. You have kids to consider and the exciting new secret you share and enjoy inside jokes…. That is what happened to Femdom cuckold husband couple.

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As it became more of a task than a thrill we fell back into our old uncommunicative ways. Communication failure.


We became the stereotypical couple I have read about that take part in this activity. I still love her like I did 30 years ago. I do admit Femdom cuckold husband couple pops in my head from time to time when I think about my wife… but I would never pursue it again.

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